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Indoor Plants

Interior Landscape Maintenance – Office Plant Care

Whatever your unique reason for bringing live plants into the workplace—to enhance the aesthetic look and feel of your environment, to improve employee happiness, productivity and morale, or to provide natural barriers to physically or acoustically direct movements—selecting the right plants for your space is critical.

The plants we provide are specially cultivated for and acclimated to the artificial indoor environments they will experience inside.

Our wide variety of interior plants results from long-term partnerships with the best growers in the country. Plants come from South Florida, Texas, California and Hawaii, delivered fresh and fast on weekly shipments.

sa alteza rOur Maintenance Guarantee

Our trained technicians will visit client’s facility on a regular schedule to service each plant. We strive to keep every plant as healthy and attractive as possible through precise horticultural practices and industry specification standards.  At each visit, our horticultural technicians will—assess the overall appearance of the plant and then dive into several aspects of the plant above and below the soil level.  The approach includes a moisture assessment: water requirements & consumption, fertilizing regiment, cleaning, trimming and grooming of the foliage.

Our maintenance and guaranteed replacement program includes a full guarantee on all interior plants under our care. Any plant that begins to lose its vitality and purpose will be promptly replaced at no cost to you.